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Our Mission: "To provide exemplary services in marketing and business consulting to our domestic and international clients servicing the aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors.
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Washington Representation

 Washington Representation

Washington, DC, is the acknowledged center of world business and politics, is the capital of a global 'super-power' and is the largest single commercial and defense
marketplace. From here, the U.S. Government makes and implements the myriad of laws and policy decisions that affect both domestic and international trade and
politics. GMD Solutions' staff provides expert support to its clients by interpreting, negotiating and impacting the policy and decision-making process.

Key Benefits:

-  Our professional staff has years of experience actually working in the White House, Executive Branch Departments and Agencies, and dealing with the Congress.  

-  Few competitors can match our breadth and depth of experience with regard to dealing with the Federal Government on behalf of our clients, and our success with
developing and executing strategies for 
solving their issues.  

-  We tailor our services to meet your needs in the most cost effective manner.

Monitoring budget, legislation and program status: Many organizations have a need for a Washington, DC, presence for fostering business with the U.S. Government,
for dealing with policy and budget issues, or for making contact with the many international agencies and representatives. However, the cost of maintaining a dedicated,
full-time office staff is sometimes uneconomical given the level or frequency of need. GMD Solutions can be the answer, in that we are able to provide a wide range of
services with our existing staff at a fraction of the comparable cost and with a focus that goes far beyond what is provided by many typical industry associations. In fact,
GMD Solutions, Inc. currently serves as the Washington adviser for many of its corporate and government clients.

Federal government policy and regulations:  The GMD Solutions staff has years of experience in the Federal Government serving in senior and middle management
positions where they became acknowledged experts in their fields. Staff members are frequently called upon to participate in seminars and conferences to lecture or
share that expertise with the participants, or on government panels to consider potential changes to existing policy or regulations.

Problem Solving:  Our professional staff is experienced in working with the White House, Executive Branch departments and agencies, and the Congress. Few
consultancies have the breadth and depth of experience that GMD Solutions does with regard to how the Federal Government operates and in preparing and executing
successful strategies for dealing with government issues that affect the client. Please see the Case Brief on "Assistance with US "Buy America" Provisions."

Industrial Security and Foreign Ownership:  Whenever there is foreign investment in a U.S. company involved with classified work, certain steps must be taken to mitigate
or negate Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI), as required by U.S. policy. GMD Solutions offers a broad range of cost-effective services to clients in this area.
While some foreign companies tend to rely solely on U.S. law firms to assist in the Industrial Security/FOCI process, in reality only a limited amount of the work that must
be done in dealing with FOCI issues requires this more costly legal advice or expertise. See our Case Brief on "Award of a Facility Clearance (FCL)."

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