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Our Mission: "To provide exemplary services in marketing and business consulting to our domestic and international clients servicing the aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors.
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International Marketing

International Marketing

Global Recognition: Large, medium and small companies have all benefited from GMD Solutions' knowledge of the international business environment. Even companies
with international offices often find that the changing global market calls for innovative assistance to maintain market share or to initiate action to increase market share.
GMD Solutions continually monitors the changing global marketplace and can offer both commercial and defense companies critical value-added insights and a framework
for action.

Key Benefits:

Staff members have many years of experience in identifying the optimum market for a company's products and services and how best to penetrate the market.  We assist
clients in identifying and winning multilateral development bank projects, an excellent way for companies to secure international market share without concerns for currency
availability or exchange rates.  GMD Solutions is uniquely qualified to assist companies in building international partnerships, strategic alliances and joint ventures appropriate
to the specific market opportunities being pursued.  Our ready access to many senior decision makers in the U.S. and overseas through our network of Associates can help
prevent costly false starts.


GMD Solutions offers a wide range of services to companies, governments and international agencies involved in the global marketplace. In its Washington office and through
its global business network, GMD Solutions has the requisite staff and expertise to provide highly effective marketing services. We assist U.S. companies desiring to expand
overseas as well as foreign companies wishing to sell in the U.S markets.
For companies lacking a strong international presence or experience in the global marketplace, GMD Solutions provides expert assistance to help penetrate a chosen marketplace sector or to increase market share. Assessments are made on the company’s technological
expertise and product lines. Growth potential is estimated and business plans are developed in close coordination with the client company. A specifically designed marketing
approach is prepared for the client company and designated products or services. This includes full consideration of offset requirements, potential export licensing issues and
financing requirements.

Multilateral Development Bank Consulting:

GMD Solutions monitors a variety of MDB sources (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, the Asia Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction
and Development) to identify targets of opportunity in areas specified by clients. We provide customized reports which focus on the client's regional and sector targets. These
reports detail size and timing of contracts, as well as contacts for decision makers. In many cases, information is provided to the client prior to public release, giving the client
ample time to prepare for the bid process.


Once an opportunity has been targeted by the client, GMD Solutions provides bid monitoring and support, continues to gather information through the bank staff at the MDBs,
and works with the host country borrowers, who make procurement decisions. Clients receive projected budgets, technical data, and assistance in developing a capture strategy.

Export Licensing


GMD Solutions can provide the full range of support required to obtain export approvals and to resolve issues which arise in the licensing process. We have also developed
company procedures and conducted training programs to ensure that clients operate within export policy regulations.

International Network:


The network of GMD Solutions associates covers most of the world's major commercial centers. It is made up of knowledgeable representatives who know both the commercial
and defense marketplaces in their geographic areas. In some countries, GMD Solutions has more than one associate to ensure optimum market coverage. Our in-country
associates deal with the local issues essential to achieving meaningful market penetration. Our network includes associates in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Some Existing or Recent Accounts:


Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japan)

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