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Our Mission: "To provide exemplary services in marketing and business consulting to our domestic and international clients servicing the aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors.
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Domestic Marketing & Business Consulting

Domestic Marketing and Business Consulting

Serving the aerospace/defense, and commercial industrial sectors, GMD Solutions provides the key to growth for its clients in the U.S. by identifying and capturing
new markets for their products and services in both the government and commercial sectors.

For companies looking to penetrate or increase their existing market share in the U.S. marketplace, GMD Solutions is well situated to advise and assist.

Key Benefits:

Our staff provides you with "cradle to grave" marketing and sales support -- from the initial market survey to direct involvement in the execution of the marketing and
sales effort. We are a "hands-on" marketing company, and we have successfully obtained billions of dollars in sales for our clients in the American market.  
GMD Solutions
has a highly successful track record of assisting foreign companies both open new markets in the U.S. and meet the various U.S. Government requirements for establishing
or acquiring subsidiaries here.



GMD Solutions provides a full-range of marketing and sales support in both the commercial and government market sectors, including market surveys and analysis,
market entry strategies, development of marketing plans and direct involvement in the execution of the client's marketing and sales effort. 
For overseas companies looking
to penetrate the U.S. market, GMD Solutions is well-situated to advise and assist in identifying potential U.S. joint venture partners, U.S. companies that would welcome an
overseas company as a team member, or acquisition targets. GMD Solutions has a successful track record in the development and implementation of the following:


- Acquisition Strategies

- Industrial Teaming
- Technology Transfer and Licensing
- Commercial Contracting

Aerospace/Defense Sector:


GMD Solutions' staff has many years of experience in developing acquisition strategies, interfacing with DOD and industry, establishing teams to compete for requirements, international armaments cooperation, Foreign Military Sales (FMS), product licensing, and related technology transfer matters. In addition, we are able to apply our expertise
in Government Contracting when it is required by the client. This knowledge and experience is key for both U.S. and foreign companies that want to avoid pitfalls in this complex business area.


Industrial Sector:


Development and implementation of market entry and expansion strategies is what GMD Solutions does best. Our staff has been responsible for the entry or expansion of
the U.S. market for dozens of companies. In the area of industrial products and services, GMD Solutions' staff has serviced the information technology sector (telephones,
software, RFID, transportation sector (e.g., rail cars, forklifts, buses, construction equipment, trucking), the energy sector (simulation, hydroelectric turbines), agribusiness
industries (grain, food processing), and general industrial products sector (rope and wire products, fiber optic cable, electronic parts, etc.

International Marketing:

GMD Solutions offers a wide range of services to companies, governments and international agencies in the global marketplace. In our Washington office, and through our
global business network, GMD Solutions has the requisite staff and expertise to provide highly effective marketing services abroad including:


- Offset Development and Implementation
- Compliance with US Government Export Policies and Procedures
- Foreign Military Sales Issues
- Special Financing

Washington Representation:

GMD Solutions staff provides expert support to its clients by monitoring areas of interest, interpreting, negotiating and impacting the policy and decision-making process with
the U.S. Government, or for making contact with the many international agencies and representatives in Washington, DC. Special focus areas include:

- Federal Government Policy and Regulations
- Industrial Security and Foreign Ownership (FOCI)
- Problem Solving

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Excellence:
GMD Solutions, through its strategic alliance with M2 Global Solutions, Inc., San Antonio Texas, provides highly knowledgeable and experienced
professionals to assist clients to effectively manage component deliveries during the production process, enhance manufacturing operations and improve productivity, to include:


- Manufacturing Technology
- Quality Systems
- Supply Chain Management
- New Product Introduction
- Environmental and Safety Management Systems
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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