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Our Mission: "To provide exemplary services in marketing and business consulting to our domestic and international clients servicing the aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors.
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Domestic Marketing and Business Consulting


Serving the aerospace/defense, and commercial industrial sectors, GMD Solutions provides the key to growth for its clients in the U.S. by identifying and capturing
new markets for their products and services in both the government and commercial sectors. 
For companies looking to penetrate or increase their existing market
share in the U.S. marketplace, GMD Solutions is well situated to advise and assist.

International Marketing

Global Recognition: Large, medium and small companies have all benefited from GMD Solutions' knowledge of the international business environment. Even
companies with international offices often find that the changing global market calls for innovative assistance to maintain market share or to initiate action to
increase market share. GMD Solutions continually monitors the changing global marketplace and can offer both commercial and defense companies critical
value-added insights and a framework for action.


Government Contracting


GMD Solutions provides expert assistance to clients in all aspects of doing business with the Federal, state and local governments based on extensive experience
both in government and industry.

- We provide a winning team! Our staff has been involved in winning over $7 billion in competitive government contracts. 

- GMD Solutions uses a "hands-on" and pro-active approach to winning and maintaining contracts through competitive business strategy development,
fully responsive proposals and resolving 
contract disputes and protests. 

- We have been equally successful in supporting both U.S. and foreign companies in winning government contracts.

Washington Representation

Washington, DC, is the acknowledged center of world business and politics, is the capital of a global 'super-power' and is the largest single commercial and
defense marketplace. From here, the U.S. Government makes and implements the myriad of laws and policy decisions that affect both domestic and international
trade and politics. GMD Solutions' staff provides expert support to its clients by interpreting, negotiating and impacting the policy and decision-making process.


Manufacturing Supply Chain Excellence

GMD Solutions, through its strategic alliance with M2 Global Solutions, Inc., San Antonio Texas, provides highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals to assist clients to effectively manage component deliveries during the production process enhance manufacturing operations and improve productivity, to include:

- Manufacturing Technology
- Quality Systems
- Supply Chain Management
- New Product Integration
- Environmental and Safety Management Systems
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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