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Mr. Douglas F. Carlberg



Graduate, Arizona Executive Program, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
DefenseSystemsManagement College, Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering,
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Associate of Science, Aerospace Engineering, Wentworth Institute,


Professional Experience

Mr. Carlberg has over 30 years of experience in operations management in the electronics, telecommunications, and defense industries. This includes more
than 15 years of executive lead
ership with profit/loss responsibility for leading high-technology commercial and defense firms. His areas of expertise include
directing all lean manufacturing aspects of product development, production, supply chain management, sales, and service. He is president and chairman of
the board of M2 Global Inc., a general partnership that owns and operates M2 Global Technology Ltd. The company provides high-performance microwave
components and value-added contract manufacturing services.

Previously Mr. Carlberg served as senior vice president of worldwide operations of Harris Corporation’s Microwave Communications Division, which produces
a broad range of microwave radios and microwave components for world markets. During his tenure at Harris, he contributed significantly to the Microwave
Communications Division moving from a potentially “going out of business” posture to a number one position in US markets and a number four position in world
markets. Under Mr. Carlberg’s leadership, the division’s
San Antonio operation earned numerous awards and recognitions including the 1996 Shingo Prize for
Excellence in Manufacturing, the 1996 Texas Business of the Year Award, the Organizational Excellence Award by the Association for Quality and Participation,
ClemsonUniversity’s 21st Century Organizational Excellence Premier Award. In both 1996 and 1998, the San Antonio operation was selected by Industry Week
as one of the Top 25 Best Plants in
North America. M2 Global received the U.S. Air Force 2005 Teaming to Succeed Award, the Association for Manufacturing
Excellence Manufacturing Excellence Award in 2006, the SBA Small Business Subcontractor in 2011 and exas Manufacturing Star Award in 2012.

Prior to joining Harris, Mr. Carlberg held management positions of increasing responsibility with General Electric Company, Hughes Aircraft Corporation, and
Tracor Aerospace Inc. These positions encompassed operations engineering, advanced manufacturing engineering, quality, and manufacturing of commercial
and military products.

Mr. Carlberg serves on the board of governors for the Shingo Prize, a North American award for excellence in manufacturing, and the board of directors for the
Association for Manufacturing Excellence, an international nonprofit educational and benchmarking organization.

Mr. Carlberg's published works include a commentary on utilizing organizational diversity that appeared in Target (the journal of the Association for Manufacturing
Excellence) in 1999 and 2007, a case history on managing change in The Journal for Quality and Participation in 1999, a case history on implementing a team-based
management system in the National Productivity Review in 1996, and research performed while serving on the National Research Council on Rapid Prototyping in 1989.

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